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Womens Style Advice for Tummies


Diamonds are a shape we are coming across increasingly here at My Style Companion so how do you know if you are a diamond body shape?

womens style advice for tummies

Diamonds usually have quite slim arms and legs, however they don’t have a natural waist and their bust tends to look smaller in comparison to their stomach, giving this diamond shape effect. Usually when diamonds gain weight it all goes around their stomach and waist and this is their 'problem area'; however the advice in this article can apply to all women who are feeling self-conscious about their tummy area and want to style themselves better in order to feel more confident.

Diamond Golden Rules

The key with diamond shapes is to add volume and interest on the bust, shoulders and neckline and keep the stomach as plain as possible. Diamonds can also add interest on the leg somewhere, to balance the body out.


In common with pear shapes, Diamonds often need to give their bust some oomph as it lacks fullness in comparison to the tummy. Plunge style bras, padded styles or chicken fillets will instantly provide volume. If you feel you have quite a full, large bust but your stomach area is the main problem you can try a balconnette style.


Diamond body shapes should try tops that sit on top of the hip bone which can actually work better that longer styles that sit past the hips, although it is often second nature to diamond shapes to pull their tops down over their tummy in an attempt to hide it. By making tops a little shorter so that they finish mid-tummy (on the top of your hip bone), this cuts up the volume of the stomach and makes the tummy appear smaller and the legs appear longer.

If you don’t feel comfortable, use layers over the top of your upper half to make it work for you, for example add a cardigan that finishes on the hip or thigh or a tailored jacket. Diamond shapes often look great in a high-waisted skirt with the top tucked in as this makes the legs look longer, the tummy and waist smaller, and enhances the bust! Shortening the top when wearing trousers uses the same principles as this.

Layer it on

For those conscious of their tummies, layer long cardigans over block colour dresses or tops to elongate the body. This creates a vertical strip which lengthens and slims the body. Jackets will give the illusion of a more defined hourglass figure so blazers, boyfriend jackets, drape jackets or short tailored jackets will work well for you just like an apple figure.


For diamonds, you want to ensure that your stomach area is surrounded by fabrics which provide support, shape and structure yet don’t add bulk and weight OR stick to the area. Top styles with a lot of viscose or elastane will help with this as well as fabrics that are a polyester / elastane blend.

You want skirts trousers and dresses to fit nicely around the tummy area and give it structure whilst not clinging, creasing or stretching in any way otherwise this will just draw your eye to the area.

Ensure that upper arms are fitted well when it comes to jackets as you can have fairly slim arms. If your jacket looks too big on the upper arms you will look bigger all over. The same goes for trousers which can sometimes look too baggy on slim legs like yours, so ensure they taper nicely when wearing a slimmer fitting style.

Style of Tops and Dresses

Like pear shapes, diamonds can benefit from having lots of detail near the face, bust, shoulders and neck as this draws the eye up and away from the tummy. Detail on the neck, face, shoulders or bust adds volume and structure to the bust, making the waist and tummy appear smaller in comparison, therefore providing more balance.

Look out for tops, dresses and jackets that feature patterns, interesting necklines, cap or puff sleeves which all help draw the eye up and give the appearance of a slimmer waist.
Unlike pears however, diamonds can feel that their stomach and waist is their problem area (were as pear shapes often have a very defined long waist and flatter stomach) so look out for tops or dresses which use clever techniques and/or placement of fabrics to disguise, lengthen and/or break up this area. For example ruching, pleating, wrap styles and two-in-one styles for example a tank top over shirt, all disguise the midsection very well. Therefore tops or dresses that have detail, colour, volume or pattern on the bust, neckline, shoulders or upper arms but are then plain on the tummy area are great picks for you.

Jackets, coats or blazers with a v neck, tailored waist and structured shoulders are your best friend and should be a wardrobe staple, as any tailoring will give you a more defined waist; however these are usually more appropriate for formal/office wear. To make jackets or blazers look more smart-casual, don’t be afraid to try them with a plain tee and jeans as this is a way to utilise tailoring in your leisure time if you feel the preppy or androgynous style works for your personality.

Casual alternatives for women who want to disguise a tummy or feel self-conscious about wearing shorter length tops should look at cardigans as a weekend-wear option. Look at different styles such as long line, boyfriend and waterfall, with sleeve lengths that are either long, 3/4, short or sleeveless. There are so many options! The only thing you have to avoid are cardigans which have frills, ruffles, or any detail on or around the tummy or waist area.

Avoid at all costs, tops that puff out on the tummy area, which a lot of women conscious of this area tend to go for in an attempt to disguise it. This especially refers to tops which have elastic around the bottom such as gypsy tops as they can add inches to your tummy area.

Dressing the Leg

Diamond shapes, like apples often have great legs! Trousers should therefore balance the fullness of the tummy so look for slim bootleg styles which will still show off the shape of the leg but balance any fullness on the tummy. Trousers that sit higher up will be best for you to avoid any unsightly muffin tops, so avoid hipster styles. Trousers must fit well on the thigh and around the knees so that they don’t drown the leg.

Skirts and dresses will be a lovely feminine option for you but look for them to finish just on, above or below the knee to make the most of your legs. If wearing a longer flowing style of dress such as a maxi, ensure the top half fits nicely to the rib cage (your slimmest bit of the torso) and then the fabric flows outwards from there, hiding the tummy and giving the appearance super long legs. Wear with heels for added impact.

Like apples, you often have slim legs, so you can wear leggings, skinny jeans and treggings with longer tunic style tops, however they must be teamed with a chunkier platform style shoe, wedge or boot to re-balance the figure whilst still showing off your fantastic pins. When wearing slimmer fitting trousers like this, they will need to be teamed with longer, looser tops that finish on the slimmest part of the thigh to get the maximum effect.

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Please note, this is an excerpt from Nicola's Book 'Nothing to Wear'.