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Why Use Us


10 Reasons to Book with My Style Companion...

1) We're independent - we work for you! Not a retailer or brand. Therefore the advice you get is all intended to make you look and feel better - not sell you clothes and accessories (although often our advice does result in purchases beacuse our clients feel so great in the items we select!)

2) We don't put you in a narrow category or box such as a colour pallette or 'personality type'. We see that all of our clients are unique and need very different things from their wardrobe and clothes. Our styling services and advice are bespoke and tailored to you.

3) We don't do 'colour consultations' as we find them dated. The style advice we provide is practical and realistic - not only in terms of your wardrobe, but in relation to what is happening in the shops. It's no good to be told your an 'autumn' colour pallette when you still need to shop in spring, summer and winter - you may find shopping becomes even more difficult.

4) We provide not only a premium service for you, but also an education for those clients who want to learn how to continue their style success on their own in future. Our services are educational and the advice will last a lifetime. 

5) We are highly experienced in this field, therefore have far more expertise, style knowledge and insider fashion information than someone with just an 'eye for style' which makes us experts at what we do. Dealing with clients week in, week out means that this expertise continues to grow with every new client we work with - all different shapes, ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and genders.

6) We work with you personally. You book through us, you work with us. There are some companies out there who take bookings and then call stylists randomly after finding them on Google to deliver the styling services, very often for minimal pay and without checking their credentials. We know because we recieve the calls asking if we can deliver the appointments - we always decline! Beware of giving your hard earned cash to a middle man! 

7) My Style Companion style services are created to be time and cost-efficient for our clients. We realise you have busy lives and committments and we want to ensure that you get the most from your style companion, without being overwhelmed or exhausted by it.

8) We hope our reputation speaks for itself. We've worked hard to achieve it and get our services just right. We let our clients tell you in their words how they found their experience with us and you can see, there are plenty of them, so don't just take our word for it!

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