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Style Advice for Pear Shapes

For ladies with thighs, hips and bottoms Here are some of my top general style tips for dressing to look a size slimmer and achieving better body balance when you are a pear shape. If you try out these tips and still find you're not getting quite right, book in for a wardrobe consultation or personal shopping trip as we've worked with hundreds of pear shaped ladies just like you!

So how do you know if you are a pear shape? Usually pear shapes have a good upper body, long torsos and then have shorter lower limbs. You will be wider at the hips, bum or thighs.

Style Advice for pear shape women

Saddle Bags
Never wear bags that finish next to your hips, bum or thighs as you will just add extra width to that area!

Always Accessorise!
Accessories really are a girls best friend no matter what shape she is but especially for pears, who in general want to draw the eye up and away from the lower body. Necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, make up, pendants, corsages are all ways of doing this really easily and even better, accessories can be slung on with any top or dress to update your wardrobe really cost effectively. 

Go Nude!
Nude patent heels are a must for all pear shapes or in fact for any woman who wants to give the illusion of slimmer, longer legs. Shoes that are a close match to your skin tone make it look like your legs go on and on and are a fabulous alternative to black shoes as they go with everything! If you have thicker legs then go for chunkier heels, wedges and platform styles which will slim the ankle.

Length is Vital
Length of garments is very important for any pear shapes. Look at the widest parts of your lower body and always look for garments to finish above or below that place – never on the widest part of your leg as it will draw the eye across the body and add width to it.

All in the Details
Use colours, details, accessories, patterns up top to draw the eye towards your great upper body. If you are less well endowed in the bust area look for tops that have frills, pockets, fringing and any detail over the bust which will give you a boost! If your shoulders are quite rounded then look for styles which have a good shape on the shoulders and give you structure such as shirts or tops with epilettes on them. 

Up Top for Pear Shapes

One shoulder styles are a great option for pear shapes as are halternecks – basically any interesting necklines, providing you have a bit of a bust going on and if not you can always fake it with some gel inserts. 

Jackets with a v neck, tailored waist and structured shoulders are your best friend and should be a wardrobe staple. Again watch out for lengths here! Something that finishes on the waist would be best for you. Capes and ponchos are a great alternative to jackets for autumn and winter for pears and bring an old pear of jeans right up to date.

Two tone dresses with lighter colours on the top and darker on the bottom will give you a great hourglass figure. 

Slimming the Lower Body of a Pear Shape
Trousers should be as long as possible just sitting on the top of the shoe.

Never wear trousers which are a little short or which have turn ups as this will add width and weight to your legs.

Keep colours darker and plainer at the bottom half and go for styles which flare out the bottom such as bootlegs and wide legs, however ensure they fit well on the waist and don’t sit on the hips otherwise this will accentuate your long torso and shorter limbs.

Avoid trousers which taper in towards the ankle and ensure they are well cut and don’t have bulky pockets on the hips.

Try ironing a crease down the middle of your trousers – you will love how it lengthens and slims your legs right down. It’s well worth getting the ironing board out for this! 

Use fabrics that are lighter and skim the body as opposed to cling to it 

Get a Firmer Bum and Tum in Seconds!
Wear control underwear to give the appearance of more toned and firm thighs and bum, plus it will provide a slimmer foundation for any skirts or trousers and you will feel more slim and secure. You will be surprised what this can do for your confidence and posture! 

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by Nicola Fulstow