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Am I Wearing the Right Size Bra

Over 90% of My Style Companion clients when they come to us for style advice are wearing the incorrect bra size but are completely unaware of this issue and how it can dramatically effect their overall silouette. 

wearing the right size bra

The right bra size can improve your posture so dramatically it can make your bust look more toned and youthfull, flatten your stomach, give you a smaller waist and completely transform a top that you were convinced was heading for the charity shop bag.

I'm the owner of My Style Companion and am so passionate about the right underwear for my clients that I was asked by Freya Lingerie to become a regular blogger for their blog, Fitting Talks in 2012.

So how do you know if you are wearing the right size or not? Here are my top tips for women who want to ensure they're making the most out of their figure...


The position of the band should be horizontal all the way around and should sit mid-back.The centre panel at the front should sit flat against your breastbone. There should be no riding up at the back. If the band rides up the back, try a band size down and cup size up (I know that doesn't sound right, but just trust me!)

You should comfortably be able to run a finger underneath the band, but it should not ride up or down - it should move with you.

Your bra band should feel snug without rubbing. Bear in mind if you have been wearing the wrong bra size for a while, you may be more aware of the band at first when you try the right size on. However in 10 minutes or so it should be perfectly comfortable.


Try your bra on using the first (nearest) hook to ensure correct back size. The other hooks are to be used when the bra loses elasticity.

If you are pregnant, do the opposite. Start on the tightest hook and let out as you grow.



First they may just need tightening up a bit so try that. If your straps dig in, the band is too loose - try a size smaller. If the straps fall down, the band is too tight - try a band size larger.



Lift your breast up and place it into the cup. If there is overspill, try the next cup size up. If there are creases or gaps in the cup, try a band size down.

Move your arms around. If you have to readjust your bra afterwards, it's not the right size!

Also bear in mind that when it comes to your bra, it is FIT and not size that matters, so don't just assume you are for example a 36C in every brand. 

If you are still struggling with your bra size, call in to a local lingerie boutique or contact us for further advice.