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my style companion personal stylists

Who are My Style Companion and What Do We Do?

My Style Companion launched in 2007 and is a new concept in the image and style industry, somewhere in between image consultancy and personal styling, which works for every woman who is busy trying to juggle everyday life with looking and feeling her best.


Lucy Plevin, Style Director & Personal Shopper 


  As a busy working mum of two, Lucy understands    that having time to shop and look stylish can  sometimes seem like a luxury, and although we all  want to look and feel great not all of us want to  spend our freetime shopping!

 After working in corporate sales, recruitment and  training for a number of years Lucy knows all about  the importance of image, and where a good image  (or the wrong image) can take you, after having her 2  children she decided to turn her passion into her  career and joined Nicola here at My Style  Companion!

 As a busy working mum Lucy understands the  challenges of everyday stylish dressing, working  with women UK wide to help them find their  individual style and offer shopping advice, many clients regularly book in consultations and shoppings trips each season to keep their style fresh.

Lucy is passionate about giving every woman, no matter what budget, shape or size the ability to look great and feel fabulous everyday. 


 Nicola Fulstow (Cupples), Founder 

Nicola Fulstow nee Cupples, style and shopping expert, founder of My Style Companion. Nicola is no longer an active stylist and shopper at My Style Companion after becoming a Mum to Sienna in April 2014.

What Does My Style Companion Stand For?

Our body image does not just relate to our physical characteristics but in modern society, how we look is inextricably linked with who we are. I’m not saying this is how it should be, but to a huge extent, many women literally do keep defining themselves by how they look, and if they feel like they are ‘falling short’ to their perception of how they ‘should’ look, all of their successes and good qualities can be momentarily forgotten, whilst looking in the mirror.

In addition to this we also find that a lot of women know how to do either 'style' or 'functionality' with their wardrobes, but find it very difficult to combine the two in to practical, modern, stylish outfits that reflect their tastes and personality.

Can My Style Companion really improve your confidence through clothes?

Yes! We have developed and perfected a number of style advisory services that means that together we can help women to see the best version of themselves every day through practical, functional, stylish outfits that reflect modern trends.

The benefits go far beyond the wardrobe and mirror though, as we find that the services give clients emotional and mental benefits too, such as increased confidence, an open mind in terms of fashion and shopping, inspiration and focus. Not to mention less time wasted when it comes to getting dressed or shopping; less money wasted on clothes never worn and reduced clutter in the house!

We are on a mission to positively transform women's wardrobes nationwide and help many more women to benefit from her style secrets. 

Unlike other image consultancy services, My Style Companion does not offer a stand alone colour analysis service, but we DO offer a more holistic approach to image, helping women to learn that looking and feeling fabulous, can be easy, practical, cost-effective and fun with the right knowledge and assistance. My Style Companion doesn't pigeon hole clients but works with them on a personal level to understand how clothes need to work for their life, body and confidence levels for long lasting positive changes with their wardrobes.