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My Style Companion Styling Services

The key to My Style Companion's success when it comes to personal styling services - mainly wardrobe consultations and personal shopping -  is that we take far more in to account that what just looks good. We look at practical, functional style that will work for you, your life and your goals. We work on ways of putting outfits together that gives you value for money and style that really does feel effortless, which is what so many of you say you would like to achieve - "effortless style".

Achieving an image you love, fills you with confidence and adds a touch of fun and glamour to an otherwise average day. The way My Style Companion see it, you have to get dressed every morning so you might as well enjoy it! My Style Companion help women to achieve more effortless style (that really is effortless!) WE WORK FOR YOU! Not for a shop or a brand - YOU are the client, therefore it is our mission to make YOU happy, not sell stock or boost sales of a specific brand.

We Work with Women Like YOU every day!

My Style Companion is here to help you. We spend our days talking to WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU. We've heard and seen it all before, so pick up the phone and call 01625 508264 for a natter or drop us an email to info@mystylecompanion.com if you think we might be able to help you.


We've had so much success with hundreds of other women, so why wouldn' t we be able to help you out? Whether you're just bored with your style; time poor when it comes to updating your wardrobe or just feeling lost and frustrated. You might be surprised at how easily we can get you back on the straight, narrow and stylish! 


My Style Companion are personal stylists, image consultants and personal shoppers who provide wardrobe consultations, personal shopping and styling services in the North West area of the UK including Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and Liverpool, however we will travel to help damsels in wardrobe distress anywhere!! Just say the word!

My Style Companion have worked hard to achieve a consistent 5 star rating with all client testimonials as we show them that fashion really can be fun! 

Often people are looking for style advice when they look in the mirror and the person looking back does not truly reflect who they aspire to be. My Style Companion can reduce the gap between what you look like and what you WANT to look like, which then gives you the confidence and comfort to truly shine.


Francis Wyly, Mother of Two, Cheshire

"I am really enjoying feeling confident enough to give new things a go and feel so much slimmer and younger with the new things I have bought. ( I have worn everything!) And I'm also receiving lots of nice comments from friends and family too."

  • Image/style Consultation
    £150.00 Image/style Consultation
    In this 2 hour 121 consultation you will recieve a style/image analysis. In the comfort of your own home we will discuss your current wardrobe offering advice on your body shape and colouing and how to dress to enhance your...