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SS14 Style Advice: How to Choose the Right Pink for You

how to choose the right pink for you


It’s true to say that after spending a lot of time with my 18 month old niece and nephew watching Peppa Pig, and with a baby girl on the way, pink is very often in my mental colour palette!!! However, it’s not just me who’s feeling in the pink this season – just take a look at the ss14 runways and spring window displays and you’ll see that Peppa and her pals are currently very on trend! Continue reading

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How to Detox Your Wardrobe

Putting a Spring in your Step with A Wardrobe Detox!

wardrobe detox for spring

Just like detoxing your body after the festive period or having a good old spring clean, tackling your wardrobe in 2014 is just the ideal way to clear your home…and head! However I believe a wardrobe detox is a lot more satisfying and also easier than resisting everything with a calorie in it for the next 30 days! Continue reading

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How to do Animal Print at Every Age

How to Wear Leopard Print No Matter What Age You Are


 Women often ask us here at My Style Companion ‘can I pull of leopard print?’. The answer is a resounding YES! We love leopard print here at MSC HQ but let’s face it, we’ve all seen the Bet Lynch tributes out there that can make us all a little wary about donning this trend. Continue reading

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SS14: Florals for Your Body Shape

How to Wear Floral Prints

Florals always begin to bloom when spring comes about and we’re not talking about your garden. However florals can be tricky to wear for three reasons.

1) Firstly, you need to find the right floral for YOU. If you are usually quite rocky or edgy in your style, a feminine print may look odd on you. Continue reading

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SS14 Style Advice: Spots and Stripes

How to wear spots and stripes

 Spring always loves a stripe, but this season it’s been reinvented and reapplied in a number of different combinations other than the usual classic breton. Subtle stripes, bold stripes, skinny stripes, fat stripes, head-to-toe stripes, candy stripes, vertical stripes, monochrome stripes, colourful stripes and a combination of all stripes rolled in to one piece!!! Phew. Continue reading

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Stylish Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

gorgeous gift ideas for the mrs

Fabulous Gifts for Your Wife or Girlfriend this Christmas

So fellas, it’s rare I write a blog aimed at you guys as I mainly work with women, but at this time of year I know many of you need all the help you can get when trying to surprise your wife or girlfriend with something extra-special and unexpected that she will LOVE!

Working very often with your wives and girlfriends and spending a LOT of time in the shops with them, I tend to know how they tick, so here is a list of top luxury treats that will end up in SERIOUS brownie points for you guys as she will not have seen this coming… Continue reading

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Christmas Party Style Ideas for Mums

christmas party style advice

Mum’s Night Out!

For Classy Mamas

If you tend to like a simple, more classic style, try not to veer too far away from this and get seduced by all that Christmas sparkle and dazzle. You’ll look like a fish out of water. Instead opt for a simple silhouette, that has detailing in terms of how it’s draped or ruched. Then you can add your own touch of Christmas sparkle with your shoes, bag or jewellery. Continue reading

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Maternity Wardrobe Woes

maternity style advice

How to Stylishly During Pregnancy

Well being 22 weeks pregnant myself, I feel I am pretty well placed to write an article about how much of a nightmare it is to find stylist, comfortable maternity clothes that feel like ‘you’. Anyone else out there having problems finding clothes that you like and WANT to wear AND that fit your ever-expanding bump?

I’m sorry but I for one am NOT Kate Middleton – I don’t do prim and proper girly style, and have never worn a wrap dress! It really does bemuse me how maternity brands think “hey she’s pregnant, she’ll want to completely change her style and wear a wrap dress now!” Seriously. Continue reading

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The Best Backless Bra for Backless Dresses

Strapless Backless Bra from Nudwear

Backless Bra that Won’t Let You Down

Party season is soon upon us and thoughts go to ‘what am I going to wear’ for the Christmas party?? However this season the trend continues to be about daring to bare, but in a more subtle and feminine way. Therefore the backless dress is back with a vengeance. Continue reading

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Pick the Perfect Pink!

How to wear pink

This season one of the hottest colours to add to your wardrobe is pink. However wearing pink can be a bit intimidating for women who haven’t worn pink since they were a little girl with pigtails, so here is our guide on how to pick the perfect pink for you, and some tips on how to wear it in a womanly way this season! Continue reading

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