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PURE London Fashion Show


I’ve had a great weekend previewing the A/W15 collections, there are some great looks coming through. Pastels are still going to be big along with flares, polo and roll necks. keep hold of your blanket wraps from A/W14 and polka-dot is the high fashion print to go for. Stay ahead of the fashion pack and  keep informed on facebook/twittwer/pinterest/instagram.


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Great Gift Ideas for Valentines day

Valentines Gift Ideas for Wives and Girlfriends



It’s that time of year again and if you don’t want to go for the obvious flowers or chocolates and you want to get her something a little different that will earn serious brownie points, here are my pointers and insight as a personal shopper who spends most days shopping with/ and chatting to women just like your wife / girlfriend…. Continue reading

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New Year – New You

So we’ve recovered from the over indulgence of the festive period, we’ve made (and probably broken) some New Years resolutions. January is all about new starts and what better new start than a new you and a wardrobe detox. Organising and detoxing your wardrobe will not only benefit your closet but also save you time and help clear your mind.

But where to start?? Here are my quick and easy steps to help you to a wardrobe that works for you and everything in it can be worn today!


Fit – Whether it’s too big or too small if it doesn’t fit it shouldn’t be living in your wardrobe.

Hang it – In my experience you wear what you see, use dawers for storing basics such as T’s, vest tops, leggings and maybe some delicate knits that can’t be hung but hang the rest

Repair & wear – If it needs altering or repairing do it today. You will not wear it & feel good if it’s not in tiptop condition.

An outfit for all seasons – Whatever the season make sure that your wardrobe reflects it. There is little point in having a closet full of summer cottons when it’s -2 outside.

Organise – make life easy when choosing an outfit and organise your clothes by either colour or type, I find type works best for me but go with what works best for you.

And finally – Shoes, make sure they are in good repair, cleen and ready to go. Nothing lets an outfit down like a tired pair of shoes so give yours a shine!

If you’d like more tips or help from the experts go to www.mystylecompanion.com





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Top Tips for Sale shopping

Personal Shopper Manchester

Before you even think about hitting the sales you should check out your wardrobe. Make a list of any ‘gaps’ you may have. There is little point and certainly no savings to be had by adding to the ‘bargains’ already in your wardrobe that you have never worn or bagging yourself yet another pair of black trousers!

Once you have your ‘things I need’ list then you can make a start. I would always suggest going early when you’re feeling energised, not after a full day at work when all you want to do is put your feet up! Make sure you’ve had something to eat, if you’re tired and hungry you will make poor choices!

Don’t be distracted by ‘amazing bargains’ that aren’t on your list, these may seem a good idea at the time but will only eat into your budget stopping you spending on what you really need, be strict with yourself, you’ll be so glad you did when you have bagged yourself something you love and need. A good strategy for this is working out cost per wear if something costs you £50 and you’ll wear it once is more expensive that something that may cost £100 but you’ll wear every week.

When you find your super sale bargain think about what else you have in your wardrobe already that you could team it up with and only ever buy if you LOVE it! This goes whether in sale or not. In my opinion if you wouldn’t  want to invest in it when it’s full price then it’s no bargain, just a less expensive mistake. I cannot tell you how many wardrobes I have seen that have a collection of never worn sales items, so before you hand over your hard earned cash ask yourself these questions.

Do I need it?

Do I love it?

What will it add to my wardrobe?

And Can I afford it? No bargain is worth going in the red for especially not in January!

Happy sales shopping peeps. xx


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Stylish Christmas gifts for Her


Gorgeous Gifts for that special lady in your life this Christmas

So Christmas is supposed to be funfilled and fabulous, but if you get that special gift wrong it may not all Christmas cheer! I know many of you husbands and boyfriends out there need all the help you can get when trying to surprise your wife or girlfriend with something extra-special and unexpected that she will LOVE so we are here to HELP!

Working daily with your wives and girlfriends and spending a LOT of time in the shops with them, I have an good idea of what works, so here is a list of top luxury treats that will have you earning SERIOUS brownie points as she will not have seen this coming…and if you don’t have the time to shop yourself contact us 01457 874822 and we’ll even do the shopping for you. Continue reading

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Key Trends for A/W14 – Knitwear

This Autumn/Winter sees knitwear making a real statement. From oversized chunky knits to bright funky prints and patterns there is one out there for all of us, but how do we pull it together without looking like a bag lady or worse still that we are recycling Aunty June’s Christmas jumper circa 1982!

Here’s some top tips to keep you warm & stylish this season.

If you’re going chunky knit on top keep it simple and fitted on the bottom half. Leather or Pleather trousers look great with this style.


Hugo Boss Chunky Knit Grey Jumper

Hugo Boss £199



Fenn Wright Mason Pleather Trousers

Fenn Wright Mason £325.00


This combo could be worn day or night, bang on trend with the full skirt, a great outfit for all those juicy apple shapes.

Oasis Bow Intarsia Cute Jumper

Oasis £38.00

L.K. Bennett Lutea Full Pleated Skirt, Blue

John Lewis £175


Keep it comfy and casual, cowl neck’s are a great bust minimiser too, just remember the bigger the neck the smaller the bust looks.

Mint Velvet Holey Boxy Knitted Jumper, Mink

Mint Velvet £69.00


Mango Boyfriend Angie Jeans, Navy

Mango £39.99

Cute but sophisticated, team with with brogues for a classic yet funky look.

Womens Character Knit Jumper, French Navy

Joules £69.95





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1 Coat 3 ways

This gallery contains 9 photos.

TweetTake this season’s must have coat and wear it 3 fabulous ways! This season is full of colour and a great way to inject some of that into your current wardrobe is with a statement Coat/Blazer or jacket. I love … Continue reading

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AW14 Style Advice: Selecting Skirts to Suit Your Body Shape


The key to wearing skirts for hourglass figures is all about balance. If you go flared with the skirt – the top must be fitted. You always want to show your curves off.

You really suit flared, 50s style skirts if you like that sort of look, but always wear with heels otherwise you will begin to look pear-shaped very quickly.

Miss Selfridge, £16

LK Bennett, £295

LK Bennett, £295


Apple shapes often have fantastic pins, so you can often go for a shorter length than your pear shaped friends.

Not only that but you’ll find that you can pull off more interesting cuts, styles and patterns. Team them up with more block colour tops which will slim your upper body and balance the look.

If you feel your tummy is a problem area, look for tulip style skirts where the waist panels and pleats will disguise any lumps and bumps easily.

Mango, £39.99

Zara, £17.99

River Island, £40


I often find women who are pear shaped go for your typical White Stuff / Fat Face patterned, A-line (just on or below the knee) skirt. This is the worst style of skirt you could possibly go for, as it adds pounds to the hips and thighs AND makes you look shorter! To add insult to injury, it’s usually paired with flat ballet pumps which again knocks inches off your height and piles them on to your hips!

Whilst the thinking is the A-Line disguises the hips, it in fact adds volume. A flared style of skirt is fine, but it must be in a soft and flowing fabric which will add length back to your legs. Anything in a stiff fabric will add volume to the area you least want it to.

Try instead to show off and celebrate your curves with a jersey tube skirt. This gets over any issues of fit AND looks fantastic on your curves.

Main rules to remember if to pick a plain skirt and add lots of volume and detail up top around the neck and shoulder areas; ensuring that your tiny waist can be seen. If you feel you have a tummy, still go for a fitted top that shows off your waistline, but layer over the top with a fitted blazer to solve the problem!

Miss Selfridge, £45

Hobbs, £99

Dorothy Perkins, £29


 1) Avoid elasticated waists! These will make the fabric puff out on the area you least want to draw attention to.

2) Stay away from shiny fabrics and light colours that reflect the light.

3) Look for a style that sits comfortably on the smallest part of the waist, and features pleats / folds / drapes over the tummy area.

4) Go for a medium – heavy weight fabric with a bit of elastane / viscose / jersey in it to add stretch to the fabric. You will find that it will skim your body much better and won’t cling.

5) Avoid fabrics that will crease easily otherwise creases will only draw attention to your tummy.

River Island, £25

River Island, £25

Zara, £29.99

Warehouse, £28

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SS14 Style Advice: How to Choose the Right Pink for You

how to choose the right pink for you


It’s true to say that after spending a lot of time with my 18 month old niece and nephew watching Peppa Pig, and with a baby girl on the way, pink is very often in my mental colour palette!!! However, it’s not just me who’s feeling in the pink this season – just take a look at the ss14 runways and spring window displays and you’ll see that Peppa and her pals are currently very on trend! Continue reading

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How to Detox Your Wardrobe

Putting a Spring in your Step with A Wardrobe Detox!

wardrobe detox for spring

Just like detoxing your body after the festive period or having a good old spring clean, tackling your wardrobe in 2014 is just the ideal way to clear your home…and head! However I believe a wardrobe detox is a lot more satisfying and also easier than resisting everything with a calorie in it for the next 30 days! Continue reading

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