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Do You Want To Feel Your Best Ever?

Entering in to our 9th year of styling and shopping for people and no, we're still not bored of clothes! That's how much we love shopping! We are My Style Companion Personal Stylists and Shoppers available in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, Lancashire and We LOVE to shop. Our love of fashion, shopping and boosting women's confidence has been known to enthuse even the most frustrated, frazzled and fed up shoppers in the North West UK!
If you're lost with your wardrobe, we can help you find your way back to your style mojo!




"Lucy, Thank you, thank you, thanks you. You have transformed my wardrobe and my life! My husband and kids can't believe its the same me!! I've found a new confidence since our wardrobe consultation and shopping experience and I'll never look back. Now I know what to look for when shopping and actually enjoy going on a girly shopping day, something which I didn't think was possible!!"

Jennifer Robinson, Rochdale

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Please email us if you have any questions, and we'll do our very, very best to help!**

We Know Our Choos from Our Manolos

We offer Wardrobe Consultations, Personal Shoppers, and Advice and Personal Styling Gift Certificates in the North West.

My Style Companion Image Consultants and Personal Stylists (what is the difference between a personal stylist and an image consultant?)
 have been about for quite a bit now (since 2007 in fact) and we say you can't judge a woman unless you've walked a mile in her choos. Well as Personal Stylists and Shoppers we've walked thousands of miles (up and down the high-street each week) with many a woman and like to think we're pretty good at 'getting' you gals.

We're flattered to have been featured in and described by The Daily Express as one of the 'UK's Leading Style Experts', referring to 
Nicola Fulstow (Cupples) - the Founder of My Style Companion - 
My Style Companion are experts at what women want when it comes to their wardrobes!

What is the difference between an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist?

In essence, not a lot really. Most young and modern 'image consultants' prefer to be called Personal Stylists, and some Personal Stylists don't offer colour consultations anymore because they believe it to be old-fashioned and a bit restrictive. However really no matter whether you call us Image Consultants or Personal Stylists, we all have similar types of skills and services.